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ronlema's Record:

Current Contest
Wins/Races Profit (loss)
2/13 ($2.80)
Races First Second Third Payoff Analysis
CC Iron Horse 1. Francois 2. No Brakes 3. Papa Pig $0.00  
CC Canterbury 1. Doctor J Dub 2. Divine Warrior 3. Partly Mocha $0.00  
CC Emerald 1. Flashy Chelsey 2. Dream Man 3. Aire Bueno $0.00  
Hollywood Derby 1. Annals of Time 2. Camelot Kitten 3. Beach Patrol $13.80  
San Simeon 1. Ohio 2. He Will 3. Holy Lute $0.00  
La Brea 1. Perfect Pic 2. Lightstream 3. Constellation $0.00  
Malibu 1. Mind Your Biscuits 2. Horse Greedy 3. Semper Fortis $9.40  
Tropical Park Derby 1. Inspector Lynley 2. Berliner 3. Oscar Nominated $0.00  
Via Borghese 1. Trophee 2. Desiree Clary 3. Dad's Princess $0.00  
Tropical Park Oaks 1. Stella Rose 2. Island Reward 3. Family Meeting $0.00  
Ft. Lauderdale 1. Almanaar 2. Fire Away 3. Divisidero $0.00  
Hal's Hope 1. Team Colors 2. Mr. Jordan 3. Realm $0.00  
Glendale Hcp 1. Detail 2. French Alps 3. Hip Ninety Three $0.00  
* - Win by virtue of scratch or couple

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Understanding How Your Profit is Calculated!

Here's how your record is calculated: If you pick a winner that pays $8.40, you have $6.40 in profit added to your account: $8.40 minus the original $2 bet. If you don't pick a winner, you have $2.00 subtracted from your account. So, let's say you pick 4 races, and have only one winner that pays $8.40. Take the $8.40 profit, then subtract the $8 bet on the 4 races. You would show a PROFIT of $0.40.

The easy way to check if your record is correct is to add all the payoffs of winners you have selected. Then multiply the number of races you played by 2 in order to get the "amount bet." Subtract the "amount bet" total from the "payoff" total, and that should be your profit or loss.

If you think your record is incorrect, please make sure you understand this carefully. The emails we like least are the ones from people who are indignant that their record is wrong—they think the total is incorrect. Invariably, they are wrong. So please double check all calculations. Thanks!

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